Photographing and Filming of the Library Policy

Photography or filming is generally permitted if it is for general Public Library promotion for the media, student projects, and/or strictly for personal use.

In order to protect the rights of individual Library patrons and to reduce distractions, photographing and filming on Library property is restricted as follows:

Under no circumstances may the public, members of the media, or Library staff take photographs or film without the express permission of any Library patrons and staff who would be prominently included within the composition.

Requests to photograph or film the interior of the Library for commercial purposes are not permitted without the approval of the Library Director. Written requests must be submitted to the Library Director for permission to photograph or film the interior of the building.

All requests to photograph or film the exterior of the Memorial Building for commercial purposes must be submitted to The National McKinley Birthplace Memorial Association.

Individuals or groups taking photographs or filming who interfere with library operations will be asked to cease their activities and/or leave the premises by the library staff. Such disruptions may include, but are not limited to: blocking the library or museum entrances or parking facilities; causing loud disturbances outside or inside the building; violation of open container laws (alcoholic beverages); and improper use or damage of the facilities. If the instructions of the library staff are not followed, the proper authorities may be contacted.

Revised and approved by the McKinley Memorial Library Board of Trustees on May 14, 2018