Policy for Tutors Using Library Facilities

The library values the education of our community’s young people and continued education of adults.

The library recognizes and appreciates the important role that tutors play in educating community members. It is the goal of the library to be able to facilitate the needs of tutors while preserving the library’s capacity to serve its patrons.

Due to limited space, the library has designated tables located in the adult audiobook section for tutoring sessions.   

Tutoring sessions are to be completed at least 1/2 hour prior to library closing times

The library strives to act as a communal meeting place. The facility, while beautiful and historic in nature, is limited in space that can be utilized by library patrons. In order to serve all members of the community who wish to use library space, we ask that tutors are conscious of the amount of table space and the amount of time that is being used for tutoring sessions. The library staff reserves the right to limit the number of tutoring sessions that may take place at any given time and to direct tutors to use designated tutoring areas.

Tutors and students should keep voices and noise levels during tutoring sessions to a minimum so as to not disrupt other patrons using the library.

Tutors and students should be respectful of library property, furniture and literature on display. Library chairs and tables should be used as intended. All library property, furniture and literature should be returned to its proper place if moved for a tutoring session.

Library materials, such as books, magazines, etc., should be returned to the desk to be re-shelved properly by library staff.

      Beverages without a closable lid and food are not permitted inside the library.

Tutors and students are expected to uphold the library’s policy for Behavior and Conduct in the Library.

The Library reserves the right to change this policy as needed.

Revised and approved by the McKinley Memorial Library Board of Trustees on February 10, 2020

Source URL: https://www.mckinley.lib.oh.us/tutors