Preschool Fun

Pozy Preschool

The following websites offer games and activities
for preschool aged children ages 3-6.
Come on in and join the fun!

3rd & Bird

Meet Samuel Lovebird and his friends as they take you on a fun-tastic journey with games and activities designed with your preschooler in mind!


Aven's Corner

Aven's Corner is a wonderful website that offers preschool on-line games for you and your little one to enjoy together!

The Kidz Page

This awesome website offers hundreds of free kids games, puzzles, activities, coloring pages and more!



Come play with Dora, Diego, the Wonder Pets, Blue and all of your preschoolers favorite characters!
This site is full of games, activities, and helpful hints for moms and dads!


Paw Island

Come to a magical island inhabited by cats and dogs who have fun while teaching moral lessons about the difference between right and wrong.


Peep and the Big Wide World

This website offers a wonderful way to introduce science and math concepts using fun games and activities!

Peppa Pig

The magnificent world of Peppa Pig comes alive with games and activities for your preschooler!
Come watch, read & play!


Rupert Bear-Eco Explorers

Want to play games while teaching your preschooler the importance of taking care of the environment?
Then come join Rupert Bear and his friends!



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