West Balcony

West Balcony

As you enter this part, the first case to your left contains a shovel used at the groundbreaking
of the Memorial.  Also, handmade tools from the ancestral McKinley home in Ireland are
displayed here.  Of particular interest are the peat and the homemade brick.

The counter case contains the official Presidential banner in wool bunting with cotton satin appliqué.

The wall on your left largely holds a photographic exhibit depicting events in McKinley's life. 
The picture of McKinley taken in 1896 was a campaign portrait. The painting of the school house
depicts the school that previously stood on the grounds where the Memorial now stands. 
President McKinley attended class here...the Methodist Church in Poland, Ohio, which was
attended by the McKinley family. Teachers of the President...an unidentified Civil War
soldier...McKinley's Cabinet and official pictures...Newspapers printed the day President
McKinley died.  Architectural design which was chosen for the Memorial and hanging beneath it,
the Memorial on the day it was dedicated.

Front case -- souvenirs of the period, McKinley campaigns and several letters written by
the president.  In the center of the case is the last official photograph of the President.

Second counter case -- a Cuban flag presented to President McKinley by the maker of
the Cuban flag.

Middle case -- memorabilia of the Civil War.

End Case -- memorabilia of the McKinley family and Niles.

Standing portrait of McKinley came from the McKinley home.

End stage case -- letters of congratulations to the Association at the time of the dedication
of the Memorial.

Middle stage case -- pictures of the period and the McKinley family to include memorabilia.

Front stage case -- day of the cornerstone laying for the Memorial. 
Of particular interest here is a $50,000 check from Henry Clay Frick, a financier. 
Mr. Frick gave this with the provision that the library be included in the Memorial.

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