East Balcony

East Balcony

The wall of this room is lined with bronze plaques.
The first plaque depicts the dreams of the valley: men at work in iron and children going to school.
The other plaques are of men who were influential in developing the Mahoning Valley.

Iron Ore -- Niles was founded on iron ore!
William McKinley, Sr. came to Niles about 1842 and leased the Maria Furnace.  William McKinley, Jr.
the seventh of nine children was born in Niles in 1842.

Stones are from the foundation of the President's birthplace, which was located at 36 South Main St.,
Niles, Ohio. The original McKinley house was bought by a Mr. Wess and moved to McKinley Heights. 
Mr. Wess operated it as a private museum until it was destroyed by fire about 1935.

Piano -- belonged to Nancy Allison McKinley, mother of the President.

Small case -- contains books of clippings sent to the museum from all over the world.

Desk -- is from President McKinley's law office in Canton, Ohio.

Chair -- was used by President McKinley at cabinet meetings.

Spinning Wheels -- from the McKinley family.

Train -- a handmade replica of the President's funeral train.
This is a working model.

Artillery -- from the Civil War

Portrait -- James Heaton, who founded Niles in 1806. 
This town was originally called Heaton's Furnace.  Mr. Heaton didn't like the name, and as the
story goes, he renamed the settlement Nilestown. "Niles" was  taken from the newspaper,
the Niles Register which was published in Baltimore.  Later, in 1843, the Post Office shortened
the name to Niles.

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