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Computer Use Policies and procedures apply to the use of all public Computers in the Library:

1. Each user must use their own valid library card from the McKinley Memorial Library or any other CLEVNET library
to access the PC Reservation system and use computers with Internet access and other designated applications.
A patron whose Library fines exceed $5 will not be permitted to use these computers.

2. All users, regardless of age must comply with the provisions of the McKinley Memorial Library Internet and
Computer Use Policy at all times. Children under the age of 14 are prohibited from using the Computers on the main floor. They must use the computers in the Children's Room.
Users who are 14 years of age and older are prohibited from using designated computers in the Children’s Room
unless they are assisting a child registered on the computer.

3. Use of the computers with Internet and Microsoft Office programs require the patron to sign, with their valid
library card, through the software program PC Reservation. To do this, patrons can sign themselves in at a
Reservation Station, or have a staff member sign them in at the Reference or Children’s Desks.
Patrons are limited to a total of 120 minutes of computer use per day.

4. When a user’s session is about to end, the computer will display warning messages. It is the patron’s
responsibility to make sure their work is saved and/or printed before their session ends. The PC Reservation
system will automatically close all programs and documents when the session time expires. If a user is finished
with a computer before the end of the session, they must logout properly in order to maintain their privacy and
indicate that the computer is available for another user.

5. Library staff may limit use to one person per computer due to space or noise considerations.

6. All Internet workstations are equipped with a filtering program that limits access to Internet sites and services in
accordance with the Library’s Internet Use Policy (#6). However, as filtering software cannot block access to all sites
any individual might find objectionable, adults and children are urged to utilize caution, good judgment, and
supervision as needed when using the Internet.

 In addition, patrons may not display material that is deemed inappropriate  under the Internet Use Policy on any computers.

7. Printouts are 10¢ per page (b/w) and 25¢ per page (color) for each page printed. Patrons may not put their own paper, envelopes, labels, or other material into Library printers.

8. Patrons must be aware of the version of any software product they are using; it may or may not be compatible
with the versions that are on other computers they may be using (at home, work, or school). Attempting to work
on a document or project in different software versions (for example Word 2000 and Word 2003) may result in
unwanted changes and/or loss of data and/or files.

9. Patrons are responsible for saving their own work onto their own memory/storage device.
Files may not be saved on the computer’s hard drive.

10. The sound on computer workstations is available with headphones supplied by the Library.
Earbuds, or any other type of listening device is strictly prohibited.
Users are encouraged to clean the headphones before use with the provided wipes.

11. Library staff is available to conduct brief orientations on the use of the various applications on the
Computer Room workstations. However, staff cannot provide tutorials or answer in-depth questions,
but some classes are offered on the different computer applications here at the Library.


Revised and approved by the McKinley Memorial Library Board of Trustees