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The following policy guidelines apply to the use of ALL INTERNET WORK
STATIONS  and WIRELESS Internet access in the Library; violation of any
or all of these policies may result in the loss of Internet usage privileges in the Library:

1. Library staff cannot be familiar with all of the sites and applications due to the
size of the Internet. Patrons are responsible for determining the value and
appropriateness of the material found on the Internet. In addition, information
found on the Internet is not guaranteed to be accurate, authoritative, factual or
complete by the McKinley Memorial Library staff. Furthermore, the Library's
security system may limit access to some Internet sites and services.

2. The Library's Internet workstations primary uses are for research.
Library staff will not administer, support, or provide assistance in the use of games,
email accounts, or other messaging systems. Patrons utilizing the Internet for
personal communication, monetary purchases, legal transactions, or other functions
involving the release of confidential information do so at their own risk; the Library
will not be held responsible for any liabilities that might arise from such use.

3. The Library is not responsible for any loss of information due to any hardware
malfunctions, network or power outages, or any malicious software (i.e. a computer
 virus). Downloading or file transfer of any data onto a portable disk is done at
patron's own risk. The Library is not responsible for any computer virus or other
malicious software a patron encounters while using our computers.

4. Library staff will not actively monitor an individual's Internet use unless material
displayed on a screen is deemed inappropriate for viewing in a public library
environment. Users are not permitted to display any visual images containing
nudity, pornography, obscenity, or graphic violence. Acceptability of screen
displays will be left to the discretion of supervisory Library staff.

5. Patrons in violation of any of the Library's Internet Use Policies will receive one
warning; another violation will result in loss of Computer Room access for 3 months;
6 months for the second violation; and 1 year for every violation afterward.

6. All Internet workstations are equipped with a filtering program that limits access
to Internet sites and services in accordance with the Library's Internet Use
Policy (#4). An adult patron (age 18 and over) may request that access be
restored to an individual site "to enable access for bona fide research or other
lawful purpose" (Children's Internet Protection Act of 2000). Library staff will
review the site and permit access by entering a password if the site does not
violate the Library's Internet Use Policy.

If the site is questionable in this regard, the patron may submit a written request for
reconsideration of the "filtered" site. This request will be forwarded to the Library
Director. If the site is deemed acceptable, it will be changed to an "unfiltered" site
on the appropriate Internet workstation(s) at a later date. If the Director determines
the site to be unacceptable, and future access, is denied, the patron may request
that this decision be reviewed by the McKinley Memorial Library Board of Trustees.

In addition, access to some Internet sites and services could be blocked because
they represent potential security threats to the workstation and/or Library network.

7. Children using the Internet will be held accountable under  guideline #4 above;
however, additional supervision regarding the content of Internet material and/or
types of Internet activity is at the discretion of the parent or guardian. Library staff
will not be responsible for determining what is appropriate for any individual.

8. The Internet user and/or the parent/guardian is liable for any damage done to
an Internet workstation's hardware or software and for any illegal or unethical acts
performed through our system. This is not limited to physical damage or vandalism.
Tampering with local or remote computer files, and/or committing legal or ethical
violations of acceptable Internet use, may result in loss of Internet privileges at the
Library and could also result in financial liability and/or criminal charges.

9. The Library's Internet service is provided by OPLIN (Ohio Public Library
Information Network), a state-funded program. The OPLIN service is normally
available during Library hours; however, periodic technical difficulties can
occur, which the Library can neither control nor be held responsible for.
In addition, the Library cannot ensure access to all resources at any given
 time from remote computer systems. Information about OPLIN is available

10. Patrons, using the Library's wireless Internet access via their own devices,
must abide by all of the above Internet Use Policy provisions. For more information
regarding wireless access at the McKinley Memorial Library, please see the
Wireless Internet Access Policy brochures available at the Reference Desk.

The Internet Use Policy is subject to revision at any time by the McKinley
Memorial Library Board of Trustees and/or by the administration of OPLIN.
All Internet users must abide by the current, active policy in place at the time of use.

Revised and approved by the McKinley Memorial Library Board of Trustees